Psiwire Technical Academy

Courses for children and adults

Psiwire Technical Academy offers Self Directed Learning Support for Home School and a variety of technical courses and certifications for adults to further your career.

For Kids

Self Directed Learning Support for Home School. At Psiwire Technical Academy, we believe that exploration and curiosity are the best and most exciting paths to knowledge. Every child is not the same. While some may excel in a traditional learning environment, many do not fit that mold. We aspire to help parents and children determine the path of their educational journey together. Come find out more about self directed learning program for homeschool students.

For Adults

Psiwire Technical Academy offers a variety of courses with Certifications to assist you in your career goals. From Microsoft Office Suite to Coding and Project Management. Courses are all designed to be completed within a short amount of time and all come with a Certificate from Psiwire Technical Academy.