We Love Games!

We Love Games!

Why Games?

Gaming, and mobile gaming in particular, is continuing its meteoric rise in the entertainment industry. More people are playing games than ever before as they look for social interactions and fun ways to spend their free time, and Covid-19 is only accelerating this upward trajectory.

Engaging Thru Play!

We build games that are fun, amusing and entertaining.

Looking at the fastest growing genre within mobile games, App Annie data suggests casual games are leading the global download growth rankings, racking up a 45% year over year increase in H1 2020.

Within the casual genre, the hyper-casual game market alone is worth over $2 billion, and has brought into the ecosystem 100 million new mobile players.

For marketers, 2020 saw the cost to acquire a player drop significantly to $1.47, a 66% decrease from 2019. Despite this, it is more expensive to acquire a paying user than in 2019: the $43.88 cost marks a 24% increase YoY. This suggests that app developers will focus even more on monetizing users through ads.

Retention rates, from day 1 to day 30, are highest in North America, which beats the global retention benchmark by between 1 to 2 percentage points across the curve. Genre-wise, social casino has the strongest retention curve, with 2x the D30 retention than Hardcore and almost 3x the retention of Midcore and hyper-casual.